Camping La Vallée *** - Saint-Pabu 22430 ERQUY

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Ile de Bréhat

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Camping La Vallée - ErquyCamping La Vallée - ErquyCamping La Vallée - Erquy

Setting out from Paimpol, it's only 10 minutes by boat to the Isle of Brehat. It's like stepping into a completely different world.There are no cars, but lots of flowerso and a temperate microclimate. In the southern part of the island, the low-walled gardens are full of bluey-violet agapanthus As you move northwards, nature grows wilder.The road ends in a glorious setting at the Paon lighthouse, built on pink granite rocks. Brehat is undoubtedly the most famous island of Cotes d'Armor.From Erquy, you go, with a boat to the Ile of Bréhat.