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Chateau de Bienassis

Chateau de Bienassis

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Bienassis is an enchanting place packed with history! Explore the French-style gardens, moats, stables, ‘cour d’honneur’ courtyard, chapel and furnished interior.

The Château de Bienassis has a striking facade of pink Erquy sandstone that blends seamlessly into the vast landscape over which this 15th Century castle watches: on a clear day you can see the Channel Islands – and yet an approaching horseman would have been unable to distinguish the castle from its surroundings!

The castle’s present name comes from the term ‘bien sis’ (‘well-located’), and it is certainly an accurate description of this 15th-17th century historical monument protected by its moats. The estate, which was used as a prison during the French Revolution, is a still complete manorial residence that has been owned by the Kerjegu family since 1880.

Park, crenellated curtain wall, moat, main courtyard. Listed as an Historical Monument. Still inhabited. Visitors are admitted to the furnished ground floor: drawing room, guardroom, kitchen, dining room, staircases, chapel. French-style garden.